Traffic Delineators

Find everything you need for your traffic control needs at Cleveland Barricading Systems. Our selection of traffic delineators contains the best selection of cones, drums/barrels, channelizers, and markers on the market.


Traffic Cones


Traffic cones are a must when it comes to traffic control. Redirect automobile traffic the right way with our selection of ODOT certified traffic cones. Also available in plain and 18 lb. options.



Traffic Drums/Barrels


Our ODOT certified high-density traffic drums are available with 4” or 6” stripes. Available with or without a tire ballast.



Traffic Channelizers


All our traffic channelizers are ODOT certified. Available with a 16 lb. base.



Traffic Markers


Also called traffic delineators, our traffic markers come in flat ground mount, surface mount, tubular ground mount, and tubular surface mount varieties.